CommUNITY Projects

Unity has contributed open source digital assets and partnered with subject matter experts and leaders in our community to launch some truly impactful projects that have already demonstrated value. And we’re just getting started.

Projects at a Glance

Regional Data Alliance

Technology Bridge

Unity Foundation is partnering with the Regional Data Alliance (RDA) as part of the Missouri Aging Services Collaborative team using machine learning technology to translate and match terms used in nationally-recognized social risk screening tools with terms used by service providers. This capability will be used to help manage the complexity of merging data sources and simplifying the location of relevant community services. Read more about the inception of this project.

SLU Open Source Center


Unity Foundation has been a proud partner with Saint Louis University in leveraging an open source digital asset - the Micronaut framework - to help establish and support a software development project within SLU’s Open Source Software Center, which was made possible by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The Center provides students real world experience building and supporting an open source library for building IoT (Internet of Things) applications using open source software. This is valuable experience that they will carry with them into their professional careers.

CommUNITY Infrastructure


Unity’s engineers have spent the last two years designing and building a CommUNITY infrastructure, an ecosystem which is a network of integration software and related tools that can aggregate critical information and data across disconnected systems. One of these tools, called the DDS Permissions Manager, allows owners of stored data to securely manage how it is shared and viewed when members of the workforce development stakeholder community request access.

Digital Provider Directory


Unity’s engineers are developing a Digital Provider Directory application, which leverages CommUNITY and other open source software to enable greater collaboration among workforce development organizations in the St Louis region. For more information on how you can start using this technology to positively impact workforce development in our region, please contact us.